Sunday, June 07, 2009

At loose ends

It's weird packing up when not everything is leaving. First, there's no place to put packed boxes, so they have to go down to my car and over to the new place pretty much right away. Second, because I'm not moving all at once, there's some stuff that I can't pack right away. Until I can sleep over there and I have appliances, I can't bring essential things like cooking stuff and clothes I'm wearing. So I'm roaming the house putting stuff in boxes, but it's almost random and it doesn't feel like I'm getting anything accomplished. Next weekend I will borrow my dad's truck and see if I can get people to help me move the big stuff. The problem with not using movers when you get to this age is that everyone's busy or has a bad back. I need more brawny young friends.
The kids had a great time in Ottawa. They went to the experimental farms and Naomi was afraid of he "giant pigs", but loved the horses and calves. They didn't sleep much in the car on the way home, so there's some cranky this morning.
I'm off to Costco this morning to get my year's worth of toilet paper. Today is the Tour de l'Ile bike race, so traffic may be a bit bizarre today.

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