Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a Monday

More rain, this morning was perfect for sleeping in - cool and just a light rain, a nice day to snuggle under the duvet with a book and some tea and hide out from the world. Unfortunately, it's Monday, so up I got and started my early morning sorting out problems with the European delivery before coffee. By the time I got to the office I had already worked for two hours, then it was time for the officemate weekend recap. We have been having an impromptu Michael Jackson tribute today by belting out bits of songs with words from our conversations. We are a merry band of untalented pop singer wannabees (wannabe starting something, got to be startin something. Too high to get over, yeah yeah).
Delivery gone! Next project already started, headaches to follow.
I have been thinking about stroopwafels all afternoon. They are these fantastic Dutch cookies, thin crispy small waffle-type wafers with a caramel sandwiched between. You sit them on top of your hot drink to soften the caramel, and they are chewy and over amazing. I brought some home, but they are long gone and now I've gone on the great Montreal stroopwafel hunt of summer 2009. I found a place that sells them, so now I just have to find the time to go and collect my precious cookie treasures. In my desperation, I did find recipes which would require me to get a little contraption to make the waffle parts - they have to be the right size and very thin, thinner than pizelle. Perhaps it would make a nice Christmas treat. I will add it to my list of fairly useless kitchen gadgets.
Got home, took out my garbage, had a quick bite and am on my way over to see my kids. I actually think that I don't have much work to do tonight - hooray!

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