Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Real friends help you move the bodies

I have my dad's truck, and I took today off to move stuff. Maggie came this morning and we started hauling. The first trip went surprisingly fast. Naturally, we got cocky and decided to move the queen-sized bed the next trip. We are two strong chicks! We did it, but not without me admitting that a call to Dormez Vous to buy a new one would have been easier, or as Maggie suggested - movers! We will not be doing that again any time soon. On the other hand, I now have someplace to sleep and I'm about one more truckload of crap away from having most of my junk at my new place. The old place looks ransacked, so it's time to clean up a bit. My back is starting to complain and I need a shower really badly. I had to stop because Maggie had to be somewhere and I needed to go and get Ben from school.
I've also discovered that I really like driving that truck around. It's a blast to be that high up and to go the the reno store and just throw your stuff in the back, none of this folding seat down crap! I am now thinking about what else I can pick up in the pickup - Ikea run anyone?

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