Saturday, June 20, 2009


Men came and men moved stuff. I made another trip on my own and then stood and surveyed the damage. There are boxes and bags everywhere, clothes everywhere, furniture everywhere. I have a lot to do, and right now I'm watching the kids so I can't do any of it. I did get the wireless installed though - yay me!
Last night I went home and I was so tired that I just passed out. I slept deeply and woke up early this morning and it was quiet and it was sad and also not sad. I now need a week to get myself organized. I have to put stuff away, and do groceries, and figure out what I'm missing, hang stuff on the walls, pick up a few more bookcases from a friend, hang a ceiling fan.... a thousand little things that make where you live you. When my kids start sleeping over it will really be home.

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