Sunday, June 28, 2009


Woke up this morning and headed out for another run. It was a fantastic morning for a run, cool and damp, overcast, but not dreary. One of those mornings where you can smell *everything* in the air. I find mornings like that rejuvenating and open with possibility, so fresh and clean and so SENSORY! You just want to embrace all the feelings. Fueled by this, 6km went by while my mind distracted itself. When I got back, showered, coffeed, granola'd and then set about hanging curtains in my room and filling the bookcases in the living room. There's still a lot of empty space which is grand! I want to bring over kid books and some games and such so it's perfect. I got rid of a bunch of boxes, but now the stuff that's left is a bit of a quandary - I'm not sure where to put it or if I need it.
I also found out that Liz' ex is no where near ready to give up the sectional set, so I will be without living room furniture for a while. I have a chair and some cushions, so I'm not hurting. How often do I sit in there? I haven't watched the tv since I moved in. I put stuff on for the kids, but they share the chair or sit on the floor.
I just had to turn off the radio. It's this program called Peter and the Symphony, and it's the honcho from the TSO talking about symphonies and that's fine. He's very informative for us non-music knowing types. Problem is, he then talks over the music, which always leaves me screaming, "shaddup, I can't hear", at the radio. I can't be the only one......

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