Sunday, June 07, 2009


Dear Phone Manufacturers,
Hi. I was shopping for a portable phone today, and I have something I'd like to explain to you. I realise that portable phone prices have dropped drastically in the last 10 years. They are cheaper to make now and the technology is better, so you no longer have to pay $100 for a handset and charger base. This does not mean that I now need to buy four handsets and a base, or six and multiple rechargers, or boosters, or a base with a built-in answering machine that also tells the time and makes waffles. Well, maybe the waffle bit, that would be useful.
Not everyone lives in a Mcmansion and requires ten phones. I only need one, I do not need a phone in every room, especially because portables were designed to solve this problem. I am free to roam, but it seems that I am not free to pay less than $100 for a phone, or now a phone system. I did find one, on a bottom shelf, under all the multiples, sitting there single, sad, and alone. Maybe some day I will need four phones, but until I take up juggling or sprout six extra ears, I doubt that will be necessary.

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