Monday, June 22, 2009


Back to the kitchen!

I was tired all day and when I left work I was pretty uninspired about food. While running another errand I started to perk up, so I stopped by Akhavan on the way home and their produce was divine! Some veggies and a small piece of Bulgarian feta and it was home for frittata!

I prepared everything and started cooking and then stopped to open a bottle of wine and misjudged the timing because I'm not using a non-stick pan (which is now added to my list of errands for this week) my frittata became scrambled egg and veggie thing - still tasty, but not photo-worthy.
After supper, I wandered over to say goodnight to my kids (I couldn't go a night....) and then back home to make some granola and a radish salad because the radishes looked too darn good at the store to abandon.

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