Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seeing red

I went to the mall tonight to look for a few things and I passed by one of those cosmetic kiosk things in the middle and saw something that made every part of my body react. Actually I heard it first. There was a man holding a baby girl who could not have been more than four months old and the woman at the kiosk was piercing her ears!
I see babies with pierced ears and it annoys the shit out of me, but I have never seen it in progress. I wanted to run over, grab the baby, smack the piercer, beat the father senseless with a chair and then pierce his tongue for good measure. What the fuck would you do that for? The baby was screaming, poor thing, I was nearly in tears I was so mad. This wasn't a cultural thing, unless you consider tacky Quebecois a culture. Let your kids decide if they want to pierce something when they are old enough to show poor judgment, imposing your taste on a little baby with no choice in the matter is cruel and you should be ashamed.

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