Saturday, June 13, 2009

to sleep

I'm beat. I failed to sleep in (thanks kids) and wandered around the morning in a haze of packing and watching Naomi while Steve went to Ikea. When he returned, I loaded up my car and moved some stuff over - station wagon good! I made a couple of trips packing, loading, unpacking, and while I was at the new place took the plastic and tape off my appliances and plugged them in. My fridge will be capable of making ice cubes, and for some reason there were no ice cubes trays in the freezer. Don't they always give you a set?
I almost passed out on the sofa tonight before the kids went to bed. I grabbed a shower and am now getting ready to sleep.
Big day tomorrow. Heading out to the townies, birthday celebration, father's day celebration, and then I'm bringing back my dad's pickup so that I can move the big stuff. I'm still not sure who is going to help because I no longer have large brawny friends who will move you for beer. I really want to get the beds moved over this week so I can start getting settled.

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