Friday, June 05, 2009

Zen and the clean kitchen

I took the day off and tried unsuccessfully not to check in to the office. After this I headed over to the new place to clean the kitchen. Like most older NDG kitchens, the cupboards go all the way up, which means that to clean the top shelves you need some help of the aluminum step ladder variety. The place is really clean, but why not go crazy when you have the chance and the place is empty? Cleaning is kind of like meditation for me - I love the accomplishment and the way it blanks out my mind. As I wiped down all the shelves I decided on where to place things, dishes, tools, food, glasses, spices, books, teapots, machines. The space is ready for me to start moving things now. Of course I still need a fridge, stove, and dishwasher. The hunt for those begins tomorrow morning. Being able to picture all of my things in the kitchen made it feel like home. I can't wait to cook a meal there.
I took my car to the garage today for a tune and told the guys that I was looking for a newer car. Since we got the Subaru stationwagon we've used that for the two-hour drives out to the townships or Ottawa. Now, well, I love my Corolla, but she's 13 and while she's perfect for short city hops, long drives at over 100km/hr are getting to be a bit shaky and with the kids in the car, I'm a little anxious. Plus, well, this winter I may not have access to someone to push me out of the snowbank when my car just spins. I told the guys what I was looking for and they said that they might have something I'd like - a Volks Jetta wagon, 5 years old, really low mileage and pretty clean. I'm going to take it for a test tomorrow to see if I like it and how negotiable the price is.

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